Sophie Jourdain created So Supple in November 2019.

She is a financial markets professional and work as an equity trader in London (UK).

She started practicing yoga in 2012 and then during her studies years at SKEMA Business School in Lille (France).

Then she explored different types of yoga in Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium) to find the one that she would like to master and teach. 

After that, she started meditating (Transcendental Meditation especially) in Frankfurt (Germany) to be more efficient while trading at work and she focused on Flow Yoga because it gave her a physical and spiritual work out.

She also did a short retreat in India in Auroville (Tamil Nadu) to discover new practices like the Tibetan Bowls.

Then, after 7 years of personal practice, she settled down in London in July 2018 and completed a 200H RYT at The House of Yoga in Putney (London, UK).

She knows what is like to work long hours in Finance: tiring commutes, horrible bosses, bad bonus, angry clients... A day can be easily very stressful.

That's why she decided to offer yoga practice to the finance community. It can benefit a lot to someone working in Finance.

She is now a private Vinyasa / Power Flow / Baptist Yoga Teacher in London... And she is still trading!


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